Absolute sweetness

pour remplacer la chemise

Arguin 4 saisons

Take a breath!

100% linen Saharienne for summer


La chemise 37°5

qui empêche de transpirer


The combat wool

10 times more resistant

Ultim pants

sports, we believe in fashion that liberates

we invent a modern wardrobe with impeccable finishes
for men who devour the city
while respecting the planet

natural elegance with power inside

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logo comme un camion carré

Comme un camion

“I tested the Wolbe car coat, and I can't find a fault with it! Whether it's the fabric chosen, the way the different parts of the coat are assembled, or the finishing touches, nothing is left to chance. A very (very) beautiful piece.”

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logo velotaf


“Wolbe combines elegance with an active lifestyle, especially for those who use bicycles to get around. Chic and sober, but at the same time highly technical, the garments combine carefully selected materials, as much for their technical characteristics as for their aesthetics or their respect for the environment.”

logo Le Parisien

Le Parisien

“Parisian class, noble materials and professional reliability. That's the challenge taken up by the Wolbe brand.”