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Ahh the shirts...! If there's one piece of wardrobe we've learned to put into perspective, it's this one!


Because men usually always buy the same ones when they are happy in one.


They like the colour. Its perfect fit. Its French, Italian, semi French, officer, English, American, broken, club or Cuban collar. Its round, broken or musketeer cuffs. They have embraced the history of the brand. Or appreciate the seller from whom they buy it. They even often buy 2, 3, or 4 of the same colour, on the same day.😄


But they almost never talk about the fabric. 😨


Unlike all the other pieces in the wardrobe, in fact. Really weird!


So, if 95% of the market offer is cotton, does that mean it is the best material for you?

Are there any nice surprises outside of the big standards? 

1) we first talk about the fabric

Because shirts are the first layers you put on your skin, they need to improve the quality of your skin. your COMFORT.

we choose fabrics that make you feel less hot, less sweaty.

mainly borrowed from outdoor sports

so that you always feel good

merinos superfine: exceptional comfort!

a shirt that doesn't stick to your skin when you're stressed or speeding up a bit?

that keeps you cool in summer and warm in winter?

that doesn't keep the smell?

that dries 3 times faster?

which is much more fluid and enjoyable?


These are the real benefits of merino superfine wool.

This is due to the physical properties of the fibre.

The microscopic section shows that it hasscales(photo 1). These trap air bubbles and create an insulating layer that protects you from the heat in summer and the cold in winter. Polyester and cotton - with their totally threadlike structure - cannot compete.


This ability to maintain a comfortable temperature will less sweatingand dry 3 times faster


Finally, merino does not retain the bacteria responsible for perspiration odours. Just air it out a little on a hanger at the end of the day... and off you go. What comfort!


Our merino fabrics are all chosen from the Italian company Reda 1865, and its exclusive Reda active line. 

A very high quality (super 120), spun and woven in Italy, in the Biella region.


While most of our range is in classic twill weave, we offer a reference ofoxford royal. A little bit thicker, and slightly more solid.

Tencel® and Lyocell, for freshness

Merino wool does not exist in white. It has the colour we know from the sheep's back: rather cream.


To obtain a bright white colour, we use Tencela responsible alternative. With the same advantages: keeps cool, fluid, dries quickly, limits odours.


This fibre, derived from beech wood pulp, is mixed with New Life® recycled polyester in a French workshop located in the Monts du Lyonnais.


Serenity is our white, sweatproof, easy-care shirt

Our latest fabric is a blend of superfine merino wool and Lyocell (derived from eucalyptus pulp).


You will understand that the combination is optimal in terms of comfort.


It is also exclusive to Reda Active.

2) our cut is specific

We don't like it when the shirt comes out of the trousers when we lift our arms.

Nor do we have uncovered kidneys when we drive.

So we adapted our cut.

a little more length

in front,


on the sides

and an extra button at the bottom of the buttonhole, to "press" the end of the shirt to the inside of the trousers 

3) without forgetting the codes of sartorial elegance

To highlight your look, we have chosen a cut that is neither slim nor straight. Somewhere in between.

A bit tight in the pectoral area.

Sizes range from 37 to 45.

the finishes are truly top of the range:


Italian collar

broken cuffs

tone-on-tone embroidered logo on sleeve


mounted ascot buttons, flat inner seams

4) and poloshirts, do you know them?

To combine the elegance of the shirt with the comfort of polo shirts, we have reinvented poloshirts.

In wool jersey, compared to the shirt, they are very EXTENSIVE and ultra comfortable.

And remain breathable and odourless


3 models, in three different wools, from 37 to 44


Casual elegance

Thanks to a choice of materials borrowed from outdoor sports,

but reworked by the best Italian weaving houses,

our shirts and poloshirts accompany you in our new lifestyles.


The specific cuts are adapted to the movement, while respecting the elegance of a professional dress code.


For more breathability, comfort and confidence.

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