portraits of our community: Brice, banker

We went to meet our customers to discover their beliefs, their habits and to understand even better the link that unites them to WOLBE! To illustrate the diversity of their profiles, we choose to share these exchanges. Today it is Brice, a banker, who starts the series! 

Hello Brice, what is your job?

I have been a banker in the Crédit Mutuel Alliance Fédérale group, under the CIC banner, for over 13 years. I have been working with our professional clients in Courbevoie for 4 years. The strength of our group is to place the customer at the centre of the relationship. We are always there to finance, insure and support our entrepreneurs. For the past 2 years, I have also been a "Start Up ambassador" for the 92 region.

What is your definition of a stylish man?

An elegant man is a man with presence and charm. The choice of clothing plays an important role in the image we project. We reflect what we wear. Who is to say that we don't feel more elegant in a well-tailored suit than in shorts after a sports session?

Is the dress code important?

It is key to know how to adapt to situations! We are in a world of belonging and identification, so yes, the dress code is "unfortunately" important.

A garment can transform our potential. Is it elegance that gives confidence or comfort that gives more confidence?

For me, clothing does not transform potential, it liberates it! Wearing stylish clothes that we feel good in, in my opinion, allows us to forget about the image we project and to focus on our knowledge, ideas, beliefs and values!

Technicality in a garment means: no sweating? more freedom of movement? completely waterproof?

I use public transport to commute every day. The comfort for me is clearly the freedom of movement and the guarantee of breathability (anti-sweat). And to take care of my 5 year old twins, I assure you that it is also very useful!

Which environmental issue affects you the most?

This is a subject that particularly touches me. If I had to choose one, it would be plastic pollution! It drives me crazy! We can all easily do something to reduce our footprint and limit the damage. These are reflexes to take. They are simple and do not significantly change our way of life. Fewer plastic bottles, no more non-recyclable cutlery for lunch, use of cardboard cups, sorting of waste....In terms of fashion, avoid artificial materials such as polyester and nylon which release micro-plastics with each wash. These are just some of the rules that I impose on myself and that I try to pass on to those around me. 

Finally, what is your favourite item of clothing in your wardrobe?

Obviously my white shirt WOLBE Serenityvery light and breathable