Wolbe, the brand of the commuter bike !

1) What is the velotaf?

This is the art and pleasure of cycling to the office 😄.


As the two-wheeled vehicle becomes the fastest means of transport in the city - 15 km/hour, ahead of the car at 14 km/hour - more and more working people are choosing to cycle to work.


It's also our great pleasure ! to enjoy a moment of freedom, to spin your legs, to create a parenthesis before and after the office, or simply to feel the fresh wind against your cheeks...

But you have to know how to adapt your city wardrobe to make this moment of freedom a moment of pleasure when you arrive. Avoid cotton that sticks to the skin, superimpose layers that will evacuate perspiration, stay well protected from the wind and rain.


BFM Business, Le Parisien and other specialist press titles have investigated this practice. They gave us the floor to explain how we imagined timeless clothes adapted to movement.


Yes, there is a comfortable dress code for cycling to the office! We even made an article of blog on the subject

2) the velotaf explained by Yann BEHR, the founder of Wolbe on BFM Business

3) Velotaf and Wolbe in the spotlight in Le Parisien

article Le Parisien focus Wolbe
article Le Parisien focus Wolbe
article Le Parisien focus Wolbe

5) how to dress for the velotaf?

Wolbe Gaston grey dry wool trousers
Gaston stretch city pant
commuter bike car coat
timeless car coat
Finisher Wolbe blazer jacket
Finisher blazer jacket
NEW all tricks_biella checks
merino shirt Biella