6 tips for caring for merino wool clothing

Biella Merinos Wolbe shirt

You have discovered the merino wool and you love it?


You are right, you are wearing an exceptional fibre. Thanks to its extreme fineness and scale structure, it is thermo-regulating, breathable, anti-odour and low-crease.


Therefore, it is not exactly as easy to maintain as cotton or polyester fibre. Here you will find all the tips to preserve its quality and performance over time.


Indeed, even if our exclusive merino wools are deliberately less fragile than normal, a minimum of delicacy is necessary... Here we go!

Wolbe superfine merino wool

tip 1: take advantage of the anti-bacterial qualities of merino wool!

The first thing to remember is that merino wool (like Tencel®) is naturally anti-bacterial. It does not retain odours - especially those of perspiration.


It therefore does not need to be washed as often as the other materials in your wardrobe (cotton, polyester, nylon).

It's up to you to find the right one.


Do the test. Simply air out your home for a few hours. shirt Biella, your pullover Amsterdam, or your poloshirt on a hanger on a balcony or near an open window so that he (she) becomes fresh again.

tip 2: opt for dry cleaning

To increase the life of the garment, we recommend dry cleaning.  


However, the machine is possible on some specific pieces (all except trousers). Gaston), if not on a regular basis. How can this be done?

How often should I wash?


Washing after each use will not be necessary (and it will save water for the planet!)


For the mesh (Amsterdam jumper or polo Arguin), washing must be more regular. Firstly to remove stubborn stains. But also to prevent moths, which are attracted by stains (proteins). And some of them cannot be seen with the naked eye.

tips for caring for merino wool
tips for caring for merino wool

tip 3: maximum 30°, wool programme

As for the temperature, it's very simple. Use the "wool wash at 30 degrees" programme in your washing machine.


On the other hand, here is six rules  IMPORTANT to respect :

  • Set the drum speed to 500 or 600 rpm MAXIMUM. Otherwise, this will break the fibres and inevitably accentuate the crumpled appearance of your clothes when they leave the machine.
  • Fill the drum to ONLY 30% or 50%. Wool needs space
  • use detergent recommended for wool and avoid fabric softener (unless it is specific to wool)
  • Do not mix wool with other materials. Cotton or polyester pieces can withstand higher temperatures and more violent spinning
  • do not mix your jumper or poloshirt with jeans or women's underwear. Buttons, zips, stays and bra hooks are all major risks of holes and unravelling
  • wash trousers inside out

Hand washing is not recommended. Scrubbing will break the fibres, which remain fragile because they are so fine.

Dry cleaning is still recommended.

tip 4: how to remove stains?

Don't worry! There are solutions for all of them. As long as you tackle them quickly, before they become entrenched.


The rule will be to proceed gently. Do not rub the wool vigorously or use an aggressive sponge. And absolutely avoid basic stain removers (such as ammonia, bleach) which will dissolve the wool.

Marseille soap will work on a maximum number of stains. Choose a bath that will allow the soap to penetrate the wool. Pour a few drops of liquid soap into a warm bath. Then dip the stain into the water and rub gently. You can add a few drops of soap to the stain. Leave it on for 30 minutes. Then rinse. 

On a fatty stain (oil, butter), absorb the excess as quickly as possible with talcum powder or flour. Leave for 45 minutes before putting it in the washing machine.


On a wine stain, a clean cloth soaked in 70° alcohol (or white vinegar) will be appropriate. Leave it for 10 minutes and rinse.

tips for caring for merino wool
care of merino wool

tip 5: drying on a hanger or flat

Never use the dryer mode of your machine.


Shirts and poloshirts can be dried on a hanger. Straight and with wide legs so as not to "mark".

This is the best way to smooth out the wrinkles and maintain the fit. Don't hesitate to close the buttons to accentuate the overall look of the piece.


For knitwear (merino wool and Tencel® jumpers and polo shirts) it should be flat so that the piece does not stretch out lengthwise or on a hanger.


Obviously, you should avoid hanging them with clothes pegs, which will leave marks and distort the piece.

tip 6: steam ironing

Steam ironers are ideal as they will not damage the wool 


If you are using an iron, set it to the wool/polyamide programme (soleplate temperature 110°). If your iron does not have this setting, do not iron too hot.


Ideally on the inside of the garment for dark colours and knitwear. 

care of merino wool

Frequently asked questions

Does the wool shrink in the wash?


The basic structure of wool is curly. After washing, wool tends to return to its original state. You may experience this as shrinkage (even more noticeable on stockinette, a fabric knitted in the round).

Our partner Reda has therefore taken maximum care in the spinning and weaving process to ensure optimum stability. They will only move within a tolerance of +/- 3% which is normal. There is no risk on the shirts which are woven.


The poloshirt FerretThe new wool fabric will shrink slightly in the first wash. It will be completely stable afterwards. Therefore, we advise you to take one or two sizes above your usual size. 

Does the wool pellet?


Our wools are of the highest quality. You should not experience this kind of inconvenience. Pilling is only the result of mechanical action. For example, heavy rubbing with a backpack, seat belt, wall or desk.


To avoid this, eliminate the repetition of the rubbing. You may be able to remove pilling by shaving your jumper with an anti-pilling razor. 


If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us on the chat or at contact@wolbeparis.com.