the fabulous story of the car coat

As outdoor enthusiasts, we absolutely had to have a technical piece in our range that would protect us from the rain, wind and even the cold. But we were also concerned about our elegance, so we wanted a piece with style and character.

It was while delving back into the archives that we found the piece that immediately excited us: the car coat. It has spanned the century, evolving with technological advances and social mores.

What is its history? How have we revisited it? That's what we tell you here...

Born with the motor car in 1900

The car coat is first and foremost a functional room. 

At a time when cars have no roof or heating, drivers and passengers need to be protected. They also need to be able to move around easily to repair these machines, which often break down...

Unsurprisingly, the first version of the car coat is long, loose and warm. Made from leather, heavy tweed or fur (or fur lining), it has buttons all the way up to the neck. It's unisex, because function is the priority.

There is also a summer version, in linen or wool (duster) to protect against dust.

the car coat is a piece of status

The car coat is fast becoming a coveted social attribute. After all, it signifies that you are the proud owner of a vehicle. Drivers play with it and wear it in everyday life to assert their status.

It's the start of the car coat's second life!

it changes over time

The car coat initially followed the evolution of mechanical comfort. The soft top and heating meant that the garment had to be shorter and lighter.

But it also adapted to different materials. In the 1920s, it was made from tweed, woollen velvet and Cheviot (sheep's wool 30 microns in diameter). Then in the 1930s, suede and silk were even used.  

In terms of construction, there were two major advances. The introduction of the zip, which will make it more practical. But also the raglans sleeve (seamless sleeve assembly at shoulder level), which will improve freedom of movement.

the car coat then becomes the Jeep coat

As with the trench coat, its cousin, the army will take over its transformation.  

And it was during the Second World War, when American troops landed at the wheel of open-topped jeeps, that they popularised a new version of the car coat.

It's a little longer than a jacket (so as not to interfere with driving comfort), has two pockets that rest on the knees when you're driving, and has a high collar and waist belt. 

les caractéristiques du car coat

then modernised again

The post-war years brought a revolution in synthetic materials. In the 1960s, nylon became lighter and more protective. But brushed fleece, quilted lining and water-repellent treatments with washable suede were also used.

Even if certain tricks remain (covered buttons to avoid getting caught in the seatbelt), in terms of style, the car coat has moved away from its initial function as a driving accessory.

It has a contemporary style with a mid-thigh length, two vertical pockets and a stand-up collar.

we're making it part of the movement!

Naturally, we've kept the car coat DNA: mid-thigh length, alcantara stand-up collar, raglan sleeves, covered buttons, diagonal zipped outside pockets.

But also its level of performance! A three-layer technical fabric from Marzotto, made from wool and viscose equipped with a windproof membrane makes it waterproof up to 10 metres of water. It is fully thermo-glued for durability and lightness. All zips are waterproof.

We've added zips under the armpits to prevent transpiration. And reflective strips under the cuffs and in the collar.


The history of this iconic piece is far from ordinary. Born of a necessary function (to protect, to warm), it has evolved with technological progress, constantly reinventing itself. Without losing its soul.

At a time when style and function are back at the centre of our concerns and lifestyles, we're proud of our car coat. It's highly versatile, so you can take it everywhere you go, with efficiency and character.

It's no coincidence that we've called our car coat Boundless...

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