we liked the Sport + electric bike from MAD

The electrically assisted bicycle is definitely the ideal way to get around town! It allows you to combine physical activity, saving time and protecting the planet.


When you have the right clothes, it's a real pleasure! Absorbent first layer, two-way zips to allow pedalling, ventilation under the arms...


To stay up to date, we have chosen to try out some recent models. Just for fun. Today, the latest model of the brand "the MAD bike": the Sport +. Third model of their range (after the Urban and the Sport), it concretizes a logical evolution in term of performance and aesthetic. Here we go!

Who is the Vélo MAD?

The MAD bike is a French brand launched by two childhood friends Guillaume and Charles.


Passionate about bicycles - they first managed a website selling vintage fixie bikes - they embarked on the electric bike adventure to introduce a strong aesthetic and involve more French know-how in the manufacturing chain.


The bikes are designed and assembled in France, at the Manufacture du Cycle. This guarantees rigorous and efficient quality controls at each stage of production. And the approval of each part - based on European standards - is carried out by French laboratories.


Their marketing system is also very original. To guarantee competitive prices, they sell directly on the internet. It's easy to try: you can make an appointment with ambassadors throughout the country (identified on the website). They will answer all your questions!


The DNA and the model of the brand, quite similar to ours, really appealed to us!

the Sport + electrically assisted bicycle from Vélo MAD
the Sport + electrically assisted bicycle from Vélo MAD
the Sport + electrically assisted bicycle from Vélo MAD

characteristics of the Sport +

pre-order price 2290 € (delivery June 21)

19.5 kg

aluminium frame and handlebars 

derailleur, cassette (10 speeds) and Shimano Tiagra shifters

Shimano hydraulic brakes

27.5 inch wheels

Mach1 rim, WTB horizon tyres

aluminium sludge guard

LCD display with 5 levels of assistance

the main development is the integration of the battery into the frame

  • it's much more aesthetic,
  • provides better protection against impact
  • increases rigidity

this 375 watt-hour battery

  • recharges to 80% in 1.5 hours (and 100% in 3 hours)
  • leads to a range of 75 km for an 80 kg cyclist with level 5 assistance

central torque sensor motor (power 80 NM)

at the aesthetic level, two finishes coexist


the BLACK MATT has light-coloured tyres, matching the Brooks leather seat and grips


The SHINING BLACK offers the same accessories in black


Two sizes: 50 ( 1.80 m)

We rode around Paris at the end of January, wearing the shiny black model and equipped with a prototype of our Salkantay parka.

the Sport + electrically assisted bicycle from Vélo MAD
the Sport + electrically assisted bicycle from Vélo MAD

The ride is very pleasant thanks to the wide tyres and good rigidity. The hydraulic brakes are invaluable when the road is wet.


The audience responds smoothly. It's even surprising when you start at a traffic light. The LCD screen is easy to use.

what we liked

  • the vintage and high end connotation of the leather handles and saddle. Very comfortable.
  • assistance that responds quickly and smoothly, thanks to the pedal motor
  • complete equipment (mudguard, kickstand, 10 gears)
  • non-discriminatory weight
  • good battery life
  • DNA and assembly Made in France
the Sport + electrically assisted bicycle from Vélo MAD